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class tvb.core.entities.exportable.Exportable[source]

Bases: builtins.object


For a model entity, return a equivalent dictionary.


class tvb.core.entities.generic_attributes.GenericAttributes[source]

Bases: builtins.object

Model class to hold generic attributes that we want to keep on all H5 file that correspond to a datatype. It is used by the H5 File in order to populate the corresponding H5 attributes (meta-data).

create_date = None
invalid = False
is_nan = False
operation_tag = ''
parent_burst = None
state = ''
subject = ''
user_tag_1 = ''
user_tag_2 = ''
user_tag_3 = ''
user_tag_4 = ''
user_tag_5 = ''
visible = True


Higher level entity loading. .. moduleauthor:: Mihai Andrei <>


is equivalent to from package.module import class

tvb.core.entities.load.get_filtered_datatypes(project_id, data_type_cls, filters=None, page_size=50)[source]

Return all dataTypes that match a given name and some filters. :param data_type_cls: either a fully qualified class name or a class object


Load a generic DataType, specified by GID.

tvb.core.entities.load.try_get_last_datatype(project_id, data_type_cls, filters=None)[source]

Retrieve the last dataTypes matching a filter inside the current project. :return: instance of data_type_cls or None