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Phase-Plane Interactive

Class diagram for tvb.simulator.phase_plane_interactive

An interactive phase-plane plot generated from a Model object of TVB.

Optionally an Integrator object from TVB can be specified, this will be used to generate sample trajectories – not the phase-plane. This is mainly interesting for visualising the effect of noise on a trajectory.


from tvb.simulator.plot.phase_plane_interactive import PhasePlaneInteractive
ppi_fig = PhasePlaneInteractive()

Example spcifying a Model and stochastic sample trajectories:

import tvb.simulator.models
from tvb.simulator.plot.phase_plane_interactive import PhasePlaneInteractive
MODEL = tvb.simulator.models.JansenRit()
import tvb.simulator.integrators
INTEGRATOR = tvb.simulator.integrators.HeunStochastic(dt=2**-5)
ppi_fig = PhasePlaneInteractive(model=MODEL, integrator=INTEGRATOR)
The GUI for the interactive phase-plane viewer provides sliders for setting:
  • The value of all parameters of the Model.
  • The extent of the axes.
  • A fixed value for the state-variables which aren’t currently selected.
  • The noise strength, if a stocahstic integrator is specified.
and radio buttons for selecting:
  • Which state-variables to show on each axis.
  • Which mode to show, if the Model has them.

Clicking on the phase-plane will generate a sample trajectory, originating from where you clicked.

traits on this class:

integrator (Integrator)
The integration scheme used to for generating sample trajectories on the phase-plane. NOTE: This is not used for generating the phase-plane itself, ie the vector field and nulclines.
default: <class ‘tvb.simulator.integrators.RungeKutta4thOrderDeterministic’>
model (Model)
An instance of the local dynamic model to be investigated with PhasePlaneInteractive.
default: <class ‘tvb.simulator.models.oscillator.Generic2dOscillator’>