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help Package


This module should contain all configurations necessary by help mechanism to display correct online-help page for a given section/subsection/page.


Bases: builtins.object

This class contains details that allows mapping of section + subsection pair to correct online-help page/paragraph.

ANALYZE_HELP_PAGE = 'UserGuide-UI_Analyze.html'
BURST_HELP_PAGE = 'UserGuide-UI_Simulator.html'
CONNECTIVITY_HELP_PAGE = 'UserGuide-UI_Connectivity.html'
HELP_PAGE_PATH = '/statichelp/manuals/UserGuide'
MAIN_HELP_PAGE = 'UserGuide-UI.html'
PROJECT_HELP_PAGE = 'UserGuide-UI_Project.html'
STIMULUS_HELP_PAGE = 'UserGuide-UI_Stimulus.html'
USER_HELP_PAGE = 'UserGuide-UI_User.html'
get_help_url(section, subsection)[source]

This method returns the URL for the online help page&paragraph corresponding to given section and subsection.


Basic Help functionality.


Bases: tvb.interfaces.web.controllers.base_controller.BaseController

This class takes care of all requester related to HELP system.

showOnlineHelp(section=None, subsection=None, **data)[source]

This method generates the content of the overlay presenting Online-Help. In case both section and subsection are missing, we’ll open main OnlineHelp page.

  • section – section for which to open help
  • subsection – subsection for which to open help