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dsl Package


LEMS2python module implements a DSL code generation using a TVB-specific LEMS-based DSL.

tvb.dsl.LEMS2python.lems_file(model_name, folder=None)[source]
tvb.dsl.LEMS2python.load_model(model_filename, folder=None)[source]

Load model from filename

tvb.dsl.LEMS2python.regTVB_templating(model_filename, folder=None)[source] is placed results into tvb/simulator/models for new models models/__init.py__ is auto_updated if model is unfamiliar to tvb file_class_name is the name of the produced file and also the model’s class name the path to XML model files folder can be added with the 2nd argument. example model files:

epileptort.xml generic2doscillatort.xml kuramotot.xml montbriot.xml reducedwongwangt.xml
tvb.dsl.LEMS2python.render_model(model_name, template=None, folder=None)[source]